Welcome to the Wordos

The Wordos is currently meeting online via Zoom.

The Wordos are a group of writers who meet once a week in Eugene, Oregon to critique stories and discuss the art, craft, and business of writing. Our goal is to help each other produce fiction that will sell, and to continually improve our writing abilities even after we've achieved that initial goal.

Many published writers have made their first sale as members of the Wordos, with stories that went through the workshop. Wordos members have won major awards, including the Nebula, the Stoker, and Writers of the Future.

Although many of the group's members write science fiction and fantasy, we do not focus exclusively on those genres. Our members also write romance, mystery, horror, and just about any other type of fiction for which someone will pay. We predominantly critique short fiction.

If you live in the Eugene area (interpret that as you wish--some of our members have driven from Portland, Florence, and Medford!) and you are interested in seriously pursuing your writing, email us.

For more information, read our FAQ and contact us. You're welcome to schedule a visit and see how we do things and to pursue membership if you think we're the right group for you.

Thanks for stopping by.