Jacob A. Boyd wins Writers of the Future!

Jacob A. Boyd won third place in the 3rd Quarter of the Writers of the Future Contest for 2011 with his story "Lost Pine":  After an entire decade of having a member place in or win Writers of the Future, the Wordos took a year off in 2010.  Let's hope that Jacob has started our streak up again!

Jerry Oltion, Analog Magazine

Jerry Oltion sold "What I Did On My Summer Vacation," a story he read at the Mid-Summer Wordos reading, to Analog.

Recent Workshop Sales

Jerry Oltion
"Taboo" and "Quack," Analog Magazine
"Planning Ahead," F&SF
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Leon West
"A Dead Rabbit Habit," The Criminal Class Review
"Amid Disquieting Dreams," Cthulhurotica anthology

Jacob Boyd
"Lyndsey Hearts Mark," ChiZine
"Questions," Daily Science Fiction
"Sea Glass," Malicious Deviance anthology