Furry Anthology Features Two Wordos

The furry anthology ROAR, Volume 4, was released this June, and it features stories by two Wordos:  "The Savior of Dragondom" by Sarina Dorie and "St. Kalwain and the Lady Uta" by Mary E. Lowd.  The theme of the anthology is "celebrity," and all the stories in the anthology explore the idea of "celebrity" from different angles.

The anthology can be ordered from FurPlanet:

Two Wordos Win Allasso Prizes!

The prize winners for the upcoming issues of Allasso (Volume 2:  Saudade) have been announced, and two of them are Wordos!  Mary E. Lowd won Editor's Choice for Best Dramatic Work with "Magtwilla and the Mouse" and Sarina Dorie won Editor's Choice for Best Comedic Work with "Greener on the Other Side."  Both stories were passed around the Wordos table in late 2011, and they will be released in the upcoming issue of Allasso on May 1st.

Workshopped Story Sold

Sarina Dorie sold THE OPTIMIST POLICE to New Myths.

Three Stories Nominated!

Three of Mary E. Lowd's short stories have been nominated for the 2011 Ursa Major Award for Best Short Fiction.  The Ursa Major Awards are the furry equivalent of the Hugos.  They're designed to recognize excellence in the realms of furry arts and literature. 

Otters In Space published by FurPlanet

Otters In Space, a self-published novel by the Wordos co-chair Mary E. Lowd, was picked up by a small press.  After more than a year of marketing her novel and selling it at science-fiction and furry conventions herself, Mary managed to catch the attention of the furry publisher FurPlanet.  The owners of FurPlanet were impressed by the book's performance at the furry convention Rainfurrest and offered to add Otters In Space to their line of furry fiction.  They will be releasing a new edition of the novel with eye-catching cover art by Doc Marcus in January, 2012.